Thursday, January 9, 2014

Cincinnati airbrush makeup artist/ Revlon skinlights review

I can't be the only one searching for a little illumination this time of year. It's cold, and our faces are dry, pasty white, and dull. Where's the glow, yo?

I used to use Skinlights back in the day and LOVED it but the jerks discontinued it. This go around, I only bought their lightest shade, which is "bare light". (Because I am basically Skintone:Vampire)
The shade is just gorgeous. Not too pink, not too gold, not too bronze. Just a soft dewy sheen with no chunks of glitter. Even out in the sunlight it looks perfectly natural. This just looks EXPENSIVE. I like this even better than Benefit Watt's Up because it is a little warmer and less white. This was meant to go in my kit but I ganked it for myself. Mine.

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