Tuesday, December 2, 2014

stocking stuffers under $20 each

Everything here ranges from $6 to $20 and are items I recommend over and over again. (Garnier, if you are listening, I want an endorsement deal!) You can even get every single thing here for less than a hundred bucks!stocking stuffers under $20 each

Thursday, September 11, 2014

BRIDEface Cincinnati makeup artist/Mary is married! Pinecroft wedding with Kortnee Kate

I just LOVE these Kortnee Kate images because they illustrate that I have just a leeetle bit of fun while I'm working. I mean, I kinda like my job.

This was in by inbox from Mary this morning: "Hey Nancy! Just wanted to send a note saying thanks for the beautiful job you did on the ladies in my bridal party! We had a great time chatting and getting ready and EVERYONE LOVED their makeup! A lot of the girls said they were surprised how beautiful they looked all day and how they still looked like themselves, just more glamorous. I had no doubts, but am also incredibly pleased with the makeup and how it turned out in the pictures."


Thursday, August 14, 2014

Before & After; our OTR studio!

We all love makeup before and afters, but today is slightly different.

I first saw photos of 2009 Elm on Facebook. My friend Mike Basch of Squirrel Films said he has studio space to rent so I went down the next day. I had just started to look around for a place that would offer us more room to spread out and also have a boutique.  To say that it was a diamond in the rough would be an understatement. Fluorescent lights, ugly fixtures, unflattering paint colors..BUT it had an original tin ceiling, great storefront windows with ornate bars, and stunning double front doors. And when Mike mentioned he *might* expose the brick on one wall, I was intrigued.

After sleeping on it I just knew it was going to be a great fit for us so I pounced.
Over the next week, Mike and his handy friend James demolished the plaster. They discovered that a doorway had been filled in with cinder block. Womp, womp. After much deliberation, Mike decided to have that pulled out and then installed vintage bricks in its place. The result was amazing.

My friend Honour helped me pick out paint colors. We chose two cooler tones of grey; lighter for the back wall and deeper for the long wall. I love the undertone of lavender in them. I have a lot of colorful painted furniture so I figured neutral was the way to go. For the back room we chose a deep aqua and a bright coral for the bathroom. We also hit all the white trim in the whole place. Luckily the floors were newer Pergo so we didn't have to worry about those.

Mike removed the fluorescents and I chose three of these paper chandeliers from IKEA. I've always loved this fixture and at $50 bucks a pop they're a steal. I love the patterns they make on the walls at night too.

For the front windows I went with black chandeliers to echo all the black trim. I really agonized over that...I was worried it might look like the Munsters up in here but I really love how they looked once he installed them.

I picked the most amazing pink for the front doors and I could not be more thrilled with how they turned out..but now it was time to move on to the windows. I went with SpeedPro to do my vinyls and sign. I wasn't a fan of the existing numbers in the transom so I picked a font that I felt went with the building a bit better. Then we did vinyls along the bottom of the windows as well as a hanging sign. All of these were designed by Be Big Studios.


So it was on to decorating. I was able to use all my furniture from the old place. I am obsessed with rescuing old pieces and painting them up, and I when I got them in there it looked like the place was meant for them.
I might have a faux deer head addiction.
I added the zebra print rug because I felt like the room was crying out for some black, and I feel like it changed the whole feel of it. I have this crazy mishmash of IKEA and bright painted old stuff, but I feel like the brick wall really grounds it. I'm a big fan of Everything But the House so I got quite a few things there, as well as tons of accessories from TJ Maxx and Home Goods.

 Above is the FACEing classroom...

For some reason I had this crazy idea to write on my IKEA tables with dry erase markers, and I really love how it looks.

 I am still debating on a giant piece of artwork to go over the yellow dresser. Commitment is hard for me. And I've added a few things since my friend Mandy
came in and took all the great photos above. We just can't to have you come down and see it in person! It's such a fun location, just down from Rhinegeist and Findlay Market!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Product review: Benefit "they're real" push-up liner

I am a huge fan of Benefit. I must own (and actively use) at least 40% of their product line. I'm a sucker for their super cute packaging and the look of their freestanding stores makes me swoon.
So when I heard about this new liner, I just had to have it. Evidently this revolutionary "nib" on the pen, took like four years to develop? It's supposed to be the first "pen" that delivers a gel liner (as opposed to a liquid)
So you turn the bottom and the product is dispensed through the soft angled tip. The problem is the inconsistency in how much product comes out; you never really know how many turns you need to make. The other issue is that product continues to ooze out after you cap it, leading it to harden and clog the tip. The product itself is on the drier side, leading to an uneven feed of product as you try to achieve your straight line. It is recommended that you "stamp" instead of draw with it, but I found the consistency to be far too tacky for that. And achieving a pretty "flick" at the end with that weird tip? Nope.
Overall I am super bummed out by this $24 liner. I far prefer my bent liner brush and a trusty pot of gel liner.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Breaking News! The news reporter gets married...

 I met Alison several years ago when I was doing makeup at channel 5 and we stayed in touch. So I was thrilled when she contacted me to do her June wedding. Such a gorgeous woman, both inside and out! I was fortunate enough to work with a lot of my favorites people as well:
hair: Sarah Stear
photography: 1326 Studios
videographer: Studio Z 

Monday, June 2, 2014

BRIDEface N KY makeup artists/Our sweet digs

 Even though we've been at our Ft Thomas location a year, we recently added a dedicated classroom for our FACEing classes. Plus we had never really gotten the opportunity to get the place photographed and show it off ! My rookie and photographer extraordinaire, Mandy Leigh, did an amazing job capturing the personality of our pad. I'm a big fan of rescuing tired old pieces and bringing them back to life, so I am really happy with how it all came together!