Monday, January 6, 2014

Cincinnati makeup artistry/Revlon highlighting palette review

A lot of people are somewhat surprised to hear that I can do some serious damage to my pocketbook when I'm browsing through drugstore makeup. I ran into Target last night and I must have blacked out because when I got home I had about six makeup products I completely did not need.
It's January and wickedly cold, and I think everyone just naturally is drawn to the "brightening" type of products. In fact, everything I bought yesterday was illuminating in some way.
These highlighter palettes caught my eye because they are simply gorgeous and look very high end. They will remind you of the Bobbi Brown shimmerbricks, but they are less than 1/3 the price of those bad boys. In my opinion, they are a very worthy dupe for something just under 10 bucks. The bronzy one can easily be used as an eyeshadow palette if you use the shades individually.
I popped the pink on my cheekbones with absolutely no other makeup and was very impressed that I looked instantly sculpted. It's a tad on the glittery side, so you will want to use a light hand for sure. For that reason, they will most likely not go into my bridal kit, as I would be afraid of them photographing strangely. But for everyday use, you can't go wrong. Your best bet is to apply your blush and pop this just above it. It's also beautiful down the bridge of your nose, your cupid's bow above your lip, and your browbones/tearducts.

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