Sunday, March 29, 2009


So this past week Husface was out of town in San Francisco on business, and did I schedule a nice light week for myself? Um, no.

Engagement sessions for three clients, a fabulous coffee date with Steph Carson, a maternity session for Steve Zugelter's lovely wife Reagan, makeup shopping, a promo video for Kortnee of Simply Timeless, a fun ABC meeting(association of Bridal Consultants) catered by Paella at your place at the beautiful home of Matt Pine, an absolutely lovely large wedding party on Saturday, and a Prom Fashion Show for my friend Angela Talentino of Essenza. Then today, a wedding cafe at the bridal studio (a bridal panel that had two of my gorgeous clients) and then two consultations with brides. My four year old accompanied me on many of these adventures and conducted himself quite well; in fact he is better at networking than I am. He knows how to work a room.
I adore being busy but I gotta tell ya, my house looks positively disgusting.

Am I allowed to take a mental health day tomorrow? My boss is kinda strict and she works me like a dog.

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