Monday, March 30, 2009

Ms. T

The undisputed Queen of Boudoir Photography, my dear friend Tine Hofmann is responsible for these incredibly sexy images. Tine and I both were getting an Amy Winehouse vibe off of this beautiful engaged woman. (And I guess Sam Hills was too, by the way he did her hair!)
When I arrived at her home (15 minutes early, as is my preference) a man was walking out of her front door and looked very abashed. He immediately asked to not tell him what I was there to do; his fiancee had specifically requested he be gone from the house by a certain time and he was late and I was early! She was of course trying to surprise him and he did not want to blow it. He very kindly let me in and slinked away, confessing to Ms. T via cel about his tardiness. Cute!
I can only imagine how delighted he was by the secret she kept!

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Cindy Wagner said...

Very nice work Nancy and of course the images are beautiful from Tine too.