Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Olivia, by Mollie

It is simply the highest compliment when a vendor

recommends brideface to a friend or client, or books us them- selves for that inportant headshot or video shoot.

When Katie Elfers sent us Olivia,we were thrilled to rise to the


Mollie always does a gorgeous job!

(and take a gander at Katie's fleurs; wow!I adore fern curls. Sigh.

an endorsement from Katie Elfers, "One of my favorite vendors to recommend is Brideface. I love how excited my brides are after their trial and finally realizing why I so enthusiastically recommend Nancy and her crew. Part of my wedding gift was Olivia's makeup... that's how much I am a fan of Brideface. Mollie, one of the lead artists, did Olivia's makeup. I just knew that in the hands of Brideface she'd look and feel great all night long. As a guest at this wedding... I can vouch that she did!"

photography by Amanda Egan. I know we have some weddings together this year; can't wait to meet her!

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