Monday, April 23, 2012

Easy Way to Glam Up Your Eyes/Richmond Makeup Artist Aaron Ellerbrock Review

Many of you know my relationship with Laura Mercier Cosmetics.They really do make some amazing products. But as with all lines, they have some things they do better than others. Mercier is known for primers and all types of foundation so I was a little wary when I heard they had Caviar Stick Eye Colours. The original caviar product was in a small compac,t similar to what their eye shadows come in. This was a product that was launched when I used to work for Mercier and I can honestly say I did not (and still don't) care for that product at all. I found that it dried out very quickly and then would often crumble when it was applied. It was also not very blendable and the texture was not soft, almost hard at times.

A couple of months ago, one of my clients and I were out shopping for new prodcuts for her to add to her collection and we stopped at the Laura counter. The Caviar Sticks had just launched and I thought I would play with one on her. We both fell in love immediately. There are several things about this product that make it a much better buy than the original caviar.

First and foremost is the texture. It is soft, blendable, and velvety. When you apply this product it glides right over the skin and never catches, even if the eye is on the dry side. Second is the packaging. Having it in a tube (that you twist as you need morre) keeps some air off the product. With the original caviar in the compact, air gets to the entire product every time you open it which I believe leads to it drying out. Thirdly, we have lots of color choices. There are beautiful greens, plums, blues, and of course standard gray, black and brown colors. It appears they also create some limited edition colors for some of their seasonal collections. Finally we come to application. You can use this product is so many ways!! You can apply directly with the stick for a thick eye liner that really makes a statement. You can put it all over the lid and blend with your finger or a brush for a quick all over color that stays put. These things really have good staying power. One friend said she still had it on after going kick boxing! You can also apply it with a thin brush or small smudge brush if you want to keep it close to the lash line.

There is a ton of pigment with these sticks so just know a little goes a long way. Also, because it is a cream it is not the easiest thing to blend over powder shadows. If you take your time and do it carefully it works just fine, but I think it blends best over cream shadows.

In any case, I really like the wearability and payoff that the Caviar Stick Eye Colours provide. So much so that I made a trade with an artist for 8 of them! At $24 a stick you might not want to spluge on quite as many but I have used them on several clients and everyone so far has raved about them. This is an easy way to take a simple and fresh daytime look into an ultra glam night look with the sweep of a single product! I like and think you will too! As always, please let me know what you think!!

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