Monday, January 23, 2012

Choosing Bridal Makeup/BRIDEface Richmond VA Makeup Artist

Makeup! We play with it, we buy it, we wear it, we love it! But sometimes we hate it too, don’t we? Why is it that the products that look so pretty in the store or in the magazine don’t look as pretty on us when we get home?

On average women spend $100 per month on beauty and cosmetic products. That certainly adds up! Above and beyond anything else, the number one reason I hear as to why so many women end up not liking what they buy is A LACK OF EDUCATION!!! And guess what ladies…that is not your fault! It is the fault of the person selling you that makeup. Now, I understand that if you are picking something up from a drug store you may not have a beauty advisor there to help you, but if you are shopping at ANY department store, there are people there that are paid to do just that. The problem that comes up is that they are also required to sell a certain dollar amount each day (and yes girls, I did that for years) and so sometimes the sale of a product becomes more important than how to put it on.

Make sure you take the time to ask questions like: What is the best applicator for this product? How heavy do I want to apply? Show me exactly where on the eye this goes to contour? Do I need anything to maximize the wearablility of this product?  Hundreds of dollars a year can be saved if you have the advisor give you the proper education on that product. We actually teach FACEing classes where we come to client’s homes and she brings up to five friends and we do just that. We go through the makeup bags, not with the purpose of cleaning them out (although if I find a mascara that is older than 5 months I will do my best to pry it away from you) but to show how you can get the most out of your products and make them work for you!

Now when it comes to wedding makeup there are a few things to keep in mind. I firmly believe that you can be very confident with makeup, but should probably not take on the pressure of doing your own. The nerves and excitement of the day can add stress to the bride who is trying to do it herself. If you must do your own; for example a destination wedding; take a DIY class first. Second, be careful what foundation your chose. You want to be certain what you are wearing is enough coverage so that your photographer does not have to work overtime editing the photos. But conversely, you don’t want a heavy foundation that will weigh the skin down and make you look older. Cheeks are very complicated. Brides like to have the glow, but stay away from the “sparkle powder”. That ends up reflecting your photographers flash back at him and you end up “whited” out. Create a great cheek by the use of cream blush and a perfectly placed highlight. When it comes to eyes you typically need to go with a little more drama. That does not mean if you are used to wearing a little liner and mascara for everyday that you have to have a full blown smoky look. You can still get the drama with a nude allover shadow, a bit of contour for the outer crease and then a dramatic liner with lash enhancements. That way when you look at your photos in 20 years you will look like you, not some stranger. One last tip to remember is to make sure you have a great sealer the day of the wedding. If it is warm, or you are someone who gets teary-eyed, a sealer can save the day.

Makeup can be your best friend. It is something that should boost your confidence, not make your more stressed. Take time before the big day to research what is going to be best for you. Remember there are professionals out there that want to hear a register ring, but there are so many more who want you to feel like the beautiful and confident woman you are.

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