Saturday, June 13, 2009

bridefaces in Cincinnati Magazine Weddings!

We have four-!! of our brideface clients featured in the current issue of Cincinnati Magazine Weddings;

from clockwise: Bridget Hummel, Lauren Hayes,Lindsay Hatfield, Kelsic Grimm.
How cool is that?

Also check out The Bridal Studio's groovy ad.

(photography, from clockwise:Steph Carson, Neysa Ruhl,Bluebird, Michael Bambino)


Christy said...

Curiosity (because I've been trying to figure it out!). Is the "current issue" you are referring to the Winter issue, or have they finally released another one? Their website still has the winter issue as the current issue, and I've been stalking bookstores, etc. trying to find a new one.


nanno said...

Christy, I did have a wedding yesterday and the sister of the bride works for Cincinnati wedding. She told me the official newsstand date is next Thursday, but I have always found it is a bit earlier than reported.We usually have tons of giveaway copies but with the recent studio move it looks like our box got lost. : (

Christy said...

Thanks! I'm excited to hear that there is another one coming out!