Monday, June 15, 2009

Makeup Lesson with Lucky Me!

I recently invited Style Maven, Graphic Artist, Mom, and Author of the uber popular blog
Lucky Me to our work- in- progress new studio for a one on one makeup lesson.

Erin does some fierce monograms and stationery and is a Guru of All Things Wedding.

Erin and and I had been readers of each others' blogs for awhile but had never met so it was fun to finally put a face to the blog!

I checked out all of her makeup that she currently uses and set out to tweak her shades a bit. She has stunning green eyes and usually wears greys. I showed her how coppers with a smoky black liner could pop her eye color even more. She has naturally rosy cheeks, so I used a creme blush in a coral tone to counteract the redness but still give her a healthy glow. I did some very light grooming of her brows; I love that they're full and wanted to keep them that way; I only recommended a slightly tinted brow gel to keep them tamed a bit.She has skin that is too pretty to cover with foundation so I just used a tinted moisturizer for a little glow; nothing that would obscure those pretty freckles. I continued the peachy/coral theme to her lips, which were treated to MAC dazzleglass in "smile".
We talked shop for a couple hours and had a fantastic afternoon, and then she headed out for a romantic date with her hubby!
Thanks Erin for the generous goodies; you rock!

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