Monday, July 28, 2014

Product review: Benefit "they're real" push-up liner

I am a huge fan of Benefit. I must own (and actively use) at least 40% of their product line. I'm a sucker for their super cute packaging and the look of their freestanding stores makes me swoon.
So when I heard about this new liner, I just had to have it. Evidently this revolutionary "nib" on the pen, took like four years to develop? It's supposed to be the first "pen" that delivers a gel liner (as opposed to a liquid)
So you turn the bottom and the product is dispensed through the soft angled tip. The problem is the inconsistency in how much product comes out; you never really know how many turns you need to make. The other issue is that product continues to ooze out after you cap it, leading it to harden and clog the tip. The product itself is on the drier side, leading to an uneven feed of product as you try to achieve your straight line. It is recommended that you "stamp" instead of draw with it, but I found the consistency to be far too tacky for that. And achieving a pretty "flick" at the end with that weird tip? Nope.
Overall I am super bummed out by this $24 liner. I far prefer my bent liner brush and a trusty pot of gel liner.

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Melaina25 said...

I went to a launch event for it and thought maybe my issues were because I was putting it on on top of my other liner but now I've gotten it home I can't get it to work either.

I think you are right about the amount of product that comes out and it is quite thick; someone suggested I put it on my hand first but doesn't that defeat the purpose?

I'm personally a huge fan of Maybelline Stilleto liquid liner--it's the only drugstore item in my makeup bag but I love it so much I import from the US!