Friday, May 24, 2013

Long wear and comfort!!-Richmond VA wedding makeup artist Aaron Ellerbrock

I have to say that I am thrilled with the Sephora brand Cream Lip Stain. First, it is only $12 so you can't beat the price. Second, it is packaged like a lip gloss so you don't need any tools to apply. Third, the pigmentation is amazing!!! You don't need a lot of the product yet you get great pay-off. With a lot of stains, the color is not very vivid and that is not the case here. Finally, it is not too drying. It feels good while it is on and lasts hours and hours. I will say if you are going to wear it on a regular basis, be sure to use an emollient lip moisturizer to replenish and comfort the lips once you take the product off. If I had one negative it would be that I would like to see more variation in the colors. Many of them are similar so be sure to check them out in the store as on-line it is difficult to discern the true color! I give this product an A-. What do you think??

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