Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Long wear shadows...really??/review by BRIDEface Richmond makeup artist Aaron

Do They Really Last??
Today I thought we would take a look at some of the "drug store" eye makeup out there that claims to be "long wear". I picked up a couple of Revlon ColorStay 16 Hour Eye Shadows as well as the ColorStay Smoky Shadow Sticks. Now as many of you know, it is weird, but I put these on myself so I can review them first hand. This time I happened to do it while visiting my parents in Ohio, Needless to say my dad was kind of confused on what I was doing!!

I tested the Revlon products against some that were a bit more expensive. In this case it was Urban Decay's eyeshadow in Oil Slick and the Buxom Stay-There cream/gel shadows in Schnauzer and Saint Bernard. I basically created a smoky eye on each eye with these brands.

While the Revlon seemed like it was going to work very well, I found there were a couple of issues. First, the longevity was just not there. When I did just the powder shadows, or just the cream sticks, they did not last past a couple of hours. However, when I combined them (using the cream sticks first and then layering on the powder) the longevity was much longer. Another issue I found was that the color did not stay vibrant. I was quite pleased at the look of the pigment when I first applied, but then it just sort of seemed to become dull over the course of the evening. Finally, I was less than thrilled with the fact the product did not blend easily. You really need to work the product in to get a good smooth finish and if you don't it can look very "cakey". Once it dries you can't blend anymore (which is a good thing) but you have to make sure you are happy with the initial application.

The Urban Decay and Buxom products proved to be much better. The color stayed much more vibrant and true. My eye looked like it had true pigment even hours later. Again, the longevity was increased when I layed the products vs. using them individually. And of course they were much easier to blend. I loved the feel of the Buxom shadows. They are very "cushy" and easy to apply. I also liked how I could build the color by letting the creams dry for a minute and then putting another layer on.

My thought is that the Revlon is great for everyday wear. Although I don't think you can get 16 hours, you can certainly get by with these. However, if you are trying to get "fancy" for a dinner or an event, these just won't cut it. I feel you would be much happier pulling out the big dogs (like Schnauzer or Saint Bernard) for such occasions.

The Revlon powder shadows can be found for $6 to $8 and the sticks can be purchased from $7 to $9. However you can often pick up a buy one, get one 50% at Walgreens or CVS. The Urban Decay shadow and Buxom shadows can be picked up for $18 each at Sephora.

Happy Make-up Wearing!!

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