Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Keep It On!!/BRIDEface Richmond Makeup Artist Aaron

So I have been on a kick lately about lips. Not really sure why, other than I wanted to expand my "kit's" horizon and have more choices to play with. I had read some reviews of Kat Von D's line but had not really tried anything. Several reviewers gave their thoughts on her long wear lip colors. I have some lip-stains but have always steered away from the "long wear" as they are notorious for drying out the lips. But these really intrigued me. I have had many times when my lip balm came off on my glass at dinner and I very stealthily wiped it away before my host noticed. So, I figured it must really suck for you ladies on a daily basis!!

Cut to me the other night putting on Kat's Everlasting Liquid Love Lipstick color in "Outlaw" before dinner. I thought what better way to see how this product works than to wear it myself (let me know if you want to see my photo with it on!!). I applied the beautiful true red color about 5 minutes before we ate. I bring that up to point out that these products usually wear much longer if they have ample dry down time before you eat or drink. Well after a dinner of grilled pork, sweet potato, and lemon basil beans, the color was still there. I had probably 2 glasses of water and 2 adults beverages with dinner and the color still looked amazing.

The night continued with a movie, a couple more adult beverages and popcorn (yes, I did pay for that at the gym the next day). By the end of all that and about 5 hours after I had put it on, the color had faded from the center of my lips. It was still on the outside at about 50% intensity.

All in all I have to say I am very impressed with this product. NOW PLEASE UNDERSTAND I do not recommend this as an every day product. My lips did still feel a little dry while it was on and for the next several hours after it came off. To remedy this I recommend good moisture before application, a little gloss once it is on, and good moisture again once you take it off. Doing that will combat any dryness you might feel.  With that being said, the dryness was minimal and the color stayed true for a long time. This is a perfect product for those of you who have an event to attend and don't want your color all over your wine glass.

The product can be purchased at Sephora in six different colors. They are $19 each which I think is a great price for the payoff. I purchased Outlaw and Lolita which is a beautiful soft pink that I can't wait to use on a bride. Bottom line: if you need it to last, this is a must have!

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