Thursday, February 16, 2012

BRIDEface Richmond FACEing Class/Makeup Artist Aaron Ellerbrock

What a fun night this was. A dear friend of mine, Liesel, decided to host a FACEing Class at her home with 5 of her girlfriends. She wanted to have more people, but unfortunately there is just one of me so I had to limit the class size to 6. So for any of you lovely ladies who are interested in having your own FACEing Class, send me a message at and I can give you all the details. If you are in Cincinnati make sure to reach out to Nancy at

This was a wonderful class because we just focused on the basics. All of these ladies are busy and always on the go and we wanted to show a polished and beautiful look that would not take too much time. The thing that is so great about the classes is that not everything is done for you. It is a teaching session so I will demonstrate technique and then you will re-create it on yourself. Lots was learned this evening!

We use what you have in your own bag but I have all my goodies with me to supplement in case there are things you do not have or things that may not suit you. I even bring a list of some of our favorite products that you can get at a variety of stores. I like to make sure everyone is aware of both "luxury" products as well as things you can pick up at your local drug store.

We had such a great time that two of the ladies, who are just naturally beautiful therfore they do not have a lot in their makeup bag, decided to hire me to go shopping with them. We got together and spent some time at Ulta, Sephora, and even Walgreens which often has a buy one get one 50% off special.

A special thankyou to Brian Swagger of Brian Swagger Photography for these awesome photos. It was great that he could be a part of this evening.
Thanks so much to this amazing and lovely group for making my job so much fun. Man, I really love what I do!!!

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