Thursday, January 12, 2012

BRIDEface Thrifty Thursday/ Maybelline Dream Bouncy blush

I am so obsessed with cream blushes, it's almost sick. Every time I see a new formulation, I just gotta have it, whether it's $5 or $55.I am picky about texture though; I hate a greasy, gooey feel that slides off the face. You want the cheeks dewy, not oily. So I was thrilled when I spied these new goodies from Maybelline. Firstly, the texture is just too much fun. Gimmicky? Perhaps, but I'm cool with it. You almost feel like you're squishing a stamp pad, but it's a dome of spongy product. The feel is like a powdery gel, and you can build the color as needed. I initially bought two rather light, bridal-y shades, but quickly realized you have to go a bit darker with these than you might think. Aaron and I went back the next day and got four of the more intense shades and were much more pleased. I prefer to apply these with my fingers than with a synthetic brush. The color range is great if you steer clear from the pale ones-even on my super fair skin, I saw very little payoff in those. (Walgreens had them for $7; buy one get one 50% off)

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