Wednesday, January 18, 2012

BRIDEface Cincinnati makeup artist/Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo

I am what you would call a rabid fan of cream eyeshadows. I have all of Laura Mercier's metallics that come in a squeeze tube, nearly all of Benefit's, and many of MAC's paint pots. I love how creams give a dewier texture, give excellent saturation of color and intensity, and applied properly, good longevity. I generally keep these on the lid only, but if I take them up to the brow, I always add a powder shadow into the crease to contour and to prevent the creamy texture from creasing up. Cream shadows make an excellent base on which to build a smoky eye as well, especially if it's a pewter or deep bronze shade.
When I spied this new product I was pretty excited about the prospect of finding a less expensive alternative to the ones I normally buy, particularly for my FACEing classes; I like to be able to recommend a high end option as well as a mass market if possible.
It did take a bit of searching to find ample stock in these; many stores are already all out! (which only heightens the sense of the chase for me)
I ended up purchasing Tough as Taupe, Bad to the Bronze, and Fierce & Tangy (the orange one).
On Day 1 I put on Fierce & Tangy but it was such a hideous shade on me, I took it off immediately. I do think this will be very pretty on a deeper skintone. I then put the bronze on with a brush, from my lash up to just onto my brow bone, without adding any powder on top whatsoever. Ten hours later I found no signs of creasing or fading at all. The application was smooth, the pigmentation was truly impressive, and the texture was like that of a pricey shadow. I actually preferred the texture somewhat to Benefit's because it is a slightly more powdery feel. The bronze is really fairly shimmery; I would probably confine this to the ball of the lid only if I were to wear it for "real life". It is more sparkly than Benefit's RSVP, my go-to for a quick, one step polished eye.
I was really surprised by the taupe; it's completely matte, which is very hard to come by in a cream eye color. Sometimes they can look a bit chalky but not this one. It's really more a light grey than taupe though, which can be a hard color to wear.
I need to use up quite a bit of what I already own, but I'd love to go back and get the pomegranate, the gold, the asphalt, and even the white. (The brights are fun but I don't get enough cause to use them and I have tons of loose pigments to suit that type of thing.)
Overall, I would definitely recommend these to a client looking to save a little money. really a ton of bang for your buck here and outstanding wear. The shade range is a little odd-too many "out there" colors and not a lot of universal neutrals. A peachy nude is sorely needed, as is a beigy champagne, and I would add a slight sheen to both.

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