Wednesday, June 15, 2011

"ask Nancy" is back!

This question comes via our facebook page from one of my former brides, Jayne:

What kind of bronzer brush would you suggest? Nothing too pricey though :)

I personally don't care for a traditional bronzer brush-the dense, Kabuki style tends to pick up too much pigment and I don't feel it distributes it well-(which is probably why you see so many bronzer abusers out there!)
I prefer a fluffy tapered powder brush-even better if it has flat sides. This is because I like to use bronzer as contour-slim down a round face, define jawlines, shrink a larger forehead, shorten a longer face...
A good inexpensive pick is from Sonia Kashuk and runs in the twenty dollar range. it won't give you any harsh, obvious contour lines, just give you a healthy glow. Apply a number 3 shape from your forehead to your chin, as a general rule.

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