Monday, April 12, 2010

Makeup bag Monday; Jen G

Jen is another of my former brides and we cross paths more often than I do with most of them. She loves to come see me at events if I am moonlighting at Saks and she is always eager to try new looks and get fresh products. I see a lot of my faves here; someone has been reading my blog ! Lash blast and L'oreal Beauty Tubes are staples for me, and Laura Mercier mulberry lipstain is a classic and really the perfect red for nearly any skintone.

The brow kit looks good-good netral and it seems to have a wax to keep them groomed-? (not sure;I am not that well-versed in Urban Decay products for some reason)

Of course I adore Mercier tinted moisturizer. The thing I really see lacking here is eyeliner, and Jen has beautiful eyes, with or without her glasses. Let's do a liquid liner; would love to see you rock out a slightly retro look with a tick at the end. (think Progressive spokeslady)

Jen struggles with concealer and is always on the hunt for the holy grail. Got one for ya, gurl; Makeup Forever lifting concealer is really pigmented but doesn't settle into fine lines or make you look dry. Another thing she can do is add a highlight to the inner corner of the eye; that draws sparkle to the eye and makes darkness under the eye less noticable.

Jen asked me about the Laura palette; I think it is an excellent chice; they are a great value and have versatile shades, and keeps everything really organized.

(top image, Stephanie Carson)

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