Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Cincinnati makeup artistry/Yeyin married!

Thank you Varland Photography for the beautiful images! Yeyin's sister booked me as a wedding gift (so much better than another crockpot, am I right?) and I so enjoyed learning more about the culture of Asian beauty from them that I almost forgot I was doing a wedding. I definitely find it fascinating; how tastes in certain aesthetics vary by era, race, and culture. But I digress; that's another topic!
Yeyin wanted a very natural look but wanted definition to her eyes, so I used plenty of liner and individual lashes.I also did some very strategic brow shaping, as she tends to have very straight brows with little arch. I love those glowy cheeks. I also love seeing reception photos and how beautiful the makeup looks hours later.

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Amanda Donaho said...

I had no idea you did Yeyin's make-up! Annie actually second shot for me during Yeyin's wedding... Here's my blog post with more photos from their wedding day! http://www.donahophotography.com/blog/?p=186