Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Katie, by Steph Carson

Teaming up on this event were Amazing Photographer Steph Carson, event planner Kristen Kloth of Tres Chic,
and Sam Hills whipping up some always fanatastic hair. (513.502.5293)
I do love doing events at Queen City Club-they are so marvelous to work with. Katie had a gorgeous suite with great natural light and tons of room for all my accoutrements-and that is pretty much all it takes to make me a happy makeup artist.
I have so many clients who plan from another city, and my heart goes out to them; a wedding is stressful enough when you live there. Katie did this all from D.C., squeezing in meetings whenever she could. I bet she's glad all the work is behind her and now she gets to get on with her married self!

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