Tuesday, March 17, 2009

quick skincare rec

I have been seeing an awful lot of dehydrated, dull skin on my clients lately so I thought I would dash off a quick endorsement for St Ives microderm scrub. It is inexpensive and has fine little granules that won't scratch you skin, unlike the chunky stuff they have in their apricot scrub; too harsh.
Throw this in your shower and use it every other day. You will find your moisturizer will work much more effectively and the glow will come back to your skin. (If you are actively breaking out though, steer clear; exfoliating can aggravate that and spread the bacteria even further.)
I know an amazing esthetician who advocates mixing sugar with olive oil for a great exfoliant. It is wonderful but makes a heck of a mess in your shower and sink!


Aviva Events said...

I am so guilty of dehydrated skin! Thanks for the tip ;)

Lucky Designs said...

I love St. Ives products. Thank you for the suggestion.

Aviva Events said...

FYI, I picked this up on sale at Target the other day ($4.99)... I already like it better than my Bliss exfoliating scrub :)