Tuesday, January 27, 2009


April of Bluebird, you amaze me!

If you are wondering what it is I am doing above, I am trying to match a lipstick to Lindsay's gorgeous flowers! I look soo serious. The wonderful Julie Schmidt was the Uber Organized Coordinator (she even herded me to the house wghen I got a wee bit lost!)

Also rounding out the "dream team" was Matt Pine.

I met Lindsay over a year ago and she has a deliciously wicked sense of humor and some fierce taste. (How about that black crinoline!!!!?) I absolutely adore that lip with her porcelain skin. (Yay; my brides are choosing color on their lips!) You just can't have a wimpy shade on your lips with a birdcage veil; it's all or nothing!
Now which one of those closeups should be my next ad???


Jules said...

Nance - I'm thinking of using a couple of the close-ups of Lindsay as well. She is stunning. As always you do amazing work!

dan said...

You're the big toe in our "Dream Team: Nance.


Lindsay said...

Nance, you and April deserve all the credit for those photos! Thanks for making me and my 'maids look like sex kittens! Meooow! :)