Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Once again, I am catching up on weddings from last fall; this one is another Mollie wedding and also by the wonderful Neysa Ruhl.Also on deck were Viva Bella and Iconography. Funny tidbit-The week before Lauren's wedding (and mine was the day after hers) I was doing makeup for a wedding downtown, but thought I was meeting the bride in Mt Lookout. When I realized my mistake, I flew downtown in a panic, leaving my purse on the bride's front doorstep. I did not realize it until I got to the Milennium. The hairstylist working that wedding is someone I work with regularly, Fayme Hayes. She said her sister lived right around the corner, called her, and Lauren retrieved my handbag before someone snatched it and kept it for me. So even though I have never met Lauren in person, she saved my life that brain-addled week before both of our weddings. Take it away, Mollie!

"Lauren's wedding was the stuff that magazine shoots are made of. First of all, it doesn't hurt that the bride is a designer herself. The color scheme was black, red, and creamy white. I could not wait to work with this bridal party!!! It was stunning. Lauren wanted that pin-up look with bold red lips and a dramatically lined eye (love it)! This look fell in line beautifully with the feel of the wedding. Lauren knew what she wanted and it came together to create a day straight out of Instyle weddings. "