Monday, January 12, 2009

Golden Globe Trends

Well, I can't say I watched the whole show-I don't have that kind of stamina or inclination-but I did study the fashion and hair and makeup this morning. It looks like finally the bold lip is back, and the ubiquitous smoky eye is in semi-retirement. From bright, super-matte matte red on Heidi Klum to coral on January Jones, I sensed a return to the starlet glam of the forties and fifties.

Amanda Seyfried was my absoute favorite makeup of the night. She pulled off a deep lip and a very defined eye without looking overly painted. this would be a stunning look on a bride with a flair for a little more drama. The bronze shades on her eye really pop her bule eye, as does the rasperry toned lip. It works because she has that porcelain skin; this look would look muddy against a faux tan.
The ones who stuck with the nude or champagne lip and the charcoaled eyes ended up looking a bit dated and washed out. Can we agree that this look is a little played out by now? And when I watched snippets of the show on our hi-def TV, the actresses who were hoping for a "dewy,glowy" look ended up with more of a "greasy, smeary" look. I asked my husband, "What are they serving there tonight-fried chicken?"


Aviva Events said...

LOVE Amanda Seyfried. Also love January Jones, but her eyebrows were a bit much for me. Was it just me, or were there were a LOT of heavy eyebrows going on last night?! That and one-shoulder dresses. Fun post Nance, I love reading your commentary :)

Jenny said...

I loved the look of January, Amanda, and Kate Winslet and Kate Beckinsale. Elegant, sophisticated and understated. I say "down with the whole 2002 JLo look!" It is done.done.done. How about Eva Mendes with her necklace?