Sunday, July 13, 2008


Thank you April of Bluebird Photography, my "studio-mate".

I love how you can really sense her personality here-she's all glammed up but has a very casual way about her; she's completely at home.
(also note how lush those lashes look-photogs love those "pensive" shots, all you brides out there, so don't skimp on those falsies!)
Be sure that you or your makeup artist is using black glue; clear or white glue can show in closeups and give away your secret!
And the little clusters are much more believable than the big drag queen strip; they just nestle into your natural fringe and beef up the definition. Be very careful when you remove them though; let an oily based makeup remover (such as Lancome's shake it type or Almay moisturizng pads) dissolve the glue before (gently!) pulling them off.

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