Sunday, April 6, 2014

Need the perfect gift for Mother's Day? Momathon testimonial

"Flowers, chocolates, and brunch have all been done before. This Mother’s Day called for something completely fresh. It was obvious that BRIDEface’s “Momathon” was the only choice for the perfect gift to get my mother. Not only was this a new and creative gift to give my mom; it was such a unique way to bond and spend time with my mother and sisters.
            Going into this, my mom, sisters, and myself were all a little nervous because we weren’t sure what to expect, but it couldn’t have gone any better. The atmosphere of the shoot was so laid back, starting off with makeup and hair which was so well organized and flowed so smoothly. When one wasn’t getting their makeup done by Nancy they were getting their hair done by Amanda. These women knew how to make everyone feel comfortable and they were so easy to get along with. And may I also say these ladies knew what they were doing! I could have never imagined us girls could look so good, natural makeup and hair to make us look flawless.  Not only was this a great look for getting our pictures taken, but it was also good for when we went out afterwards to continue our Mother’s Day celebration.
            On top of having such amazing artists doing our hair and makeup, the photographer, Mandy, was amazing too! Making the four of us feel so comfortable in front of the camera and really making the whole thing so enjoyable. I could not think of a more perfect present for my mother, and I can confidently say this is a gift that I will never be able to top. My mom felt like a queen the whole time. It felt so good to give her

a gift that she could just sit back, relax, and enjoy as she spent time with her girls."
Here's the details! Your session is Sunday April 13th. Hair, makeup, and photoshoot with Mandy Leigh Photography for two people; $300. Reserve your spot today and have your images well before Mothers Day!

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