Friday, March 7, 2014

Cincinnati airbrush artists/The Nude Matte palette by Paula's Choice

First, let's state the obvious. It looks just like an Urban Decay Naked palette, right? Yep, shamelessly so. But this is what we all wish UD would have come out with. Only one shade in this set has a small bit of sheen, the rest are all rich, highly pigmented mattes. Developed by one of my favorite You Tube makeup artists, Wayne Goss, and sold by Paula's Choice, I could not be more pleased with this product. The shades are the perfect neutrals and the quality is that of shadows twice the price. (this baby is only $40!) This is literally no one on the planet who cannot wear these colors. And if you think neutrals are boring, you just might need a FACEing class!You can do the most natural, "no makeup" eye, or the smokiest evening eye. This black shadow is so BLACK and velvety. (My pet peeve is that most black is not a true black shadow at all)
I have a shoot for Cincinnati Magazine today and I plan to put this to VERY good use!

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