Friday, October 18, 2013

BRIDEface makeup artists/review: FLOWER by Drew Barrymore color play creme shadows

I have been meaning to write about these for a long time. I have been using them on myself for several months now but they just haven't make the transition into my kit, for reasons that will become clear.

Firstly, Flower is a newer line that is sold exclusively at WalMart. Yeah, I know. To me that just does not jive with hippy dippy Drew, but I am sure the deal was too good to pass up!

The packaging for Flower looks extremely high end. I love the white and gold combo.
I was impressed with the color selection...this is the assortment I have so far. Some I purchased and others I won from Flower in a Facebook promo.

 But when I opened my first one, I was pretty taken aback. There's that goofy white lid with a little handle, but notice that it does not keep the product from oozing up along the sides (that product above is brand new) i actually wondered if the product was melted and considered returning it right away.

When you take the lid off, the product is really gooey and mousse-like. The pigment really packs a punch, but applying it can really be tricky. You absolutely do not want to use your fingers here. A tiny bit goes a long way. I am very fond of the finish; it almost has a wet, glossy look. Now you would think it would slide right off your lids, but it really stays on. It reminds me of an old product Stila used to make called "eye gloss" that I LOVED . The shimmer factor is daytime wearable; definitely not chunky glitter, but not super understated either."awesome blossom", the rosy bronze one, is my hands down favorite, but "good as mari-gold"and "wild geranium" are new additions and fantastic neutrals. Even the sheer lime green one "vine of the Times" is surprisingly pretty! I don't find myself wearing "midnight garden" much, but "orchid-ing around is a great purply grey hybrid.
But the mess factor is a concern for me, which why I do not deem them kit-worthy. They appeal to my lazy side in terms of one color and I'm done, but not to that  OCD side that resents the little barbie doll pot lid. But at $7 a pop, I think the color payoff and luxurious finish are well worth the price. I was so hoping these would replace my Benefit cream shadows (only because they don't give a pro makeup artist discount) but nope. They just don't have that subtle lit from within sheen the Benefit provides; it's a tad more shiny and possibly too much for bridal photography. But for everyday folks? Go for it as long as you are familiar with creams and aren't turned off by a bit of mess.

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