Friday, April 12, 2013

Time to Get Ready!!!--Richmond VA Wedding Makeup Artist Aaron Ellerbrock

So many of my clients stress about their getting ready itinerary. Here are some of the finer points to remember:

I highly recommend hiring hairstylists that come to you onsite. Appointments in salons increase your chances of running late, and who needs to do all that running around? We have a list of our favorites so please feel free to ask!
Location is very important. If you are getting ready at a home, give your stylists adequate space, natural light, and electrical outlets. Try not to choose a hotel room that is too small. A room that seems ample fills up very quickly with a giant gown, bridesmaids, and stylists. I find that if I have enough surface area for my materials I can work a lot more quickly because everything I need is visible.
Determine how much time the makeup artist and hairstylist needs per person and stagger appointments. There is no need to do hair before makeup unless the stylist likes to set hair on rollers before makeup and take it out after (this generally only applies to the bride). An itinerary will ensure that your attendants know what time they expected for their appointments. If there is additional time needed for tattoo covering/body camouflage, be sure to budget that in as well!
Think about what time you are putting the gown on; you do not want to have key people in makeup and hair chairs at that time who want to help you with dressing. You don't want them jumping out of the chair because that could put you behind and you won’t be finished on time. Aim for an earlier “ready by” time than you think is necessary. A half hour or so will not make or break how long your hair and makeup lasts and if you hired fab pros it will last all day and night regardless, but a half hour of padding can be a godsend for your nerves.
Everyone’s face should be clean of makeup! Ask your hairstylist how he or she wants the hair; they often have different preferences (some like “dirty”-some like freshly washed and dried). And, if you don’t want to be glued to your celphone all day, have a point person to handle your calls. It can be very frustrating for your stylists to try to complete your appointment while you are on the phone.
If your fiancé sends you a gift or a card, try not to open or read it while you are getting your makeup done. For reasons that should be obvious!
Lastly, look to your photographer and beauty pros to help you with your timing if you are unsure. We have done this a zillion times and know how it should flow!

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