Wednesday, March 27, 2013

REVIEW:ROC Retinol Correction wrinkle resurfacing system

I have been hearing great buzz about ROC for quite some time now and saw this product very positively reviewed on the Today show, so I thought I would give it a go.
For anyone who has used the purest form of Retin A, you know that it is effective, but it is also A)expensive and B)highly irritating to the skin
Same goes for glycolic peels. They are around $100 a session and two-three days later you start molting. All your skin peels off in sheets and you usually also break out since your skin is "purging" itself. Not terribly attractive!
So what's a girl to do if she wants a more even skintone, more smoothness, fewer fine lines...but is on a budget and doesn't want to be unsightly in the process?

This two step night treatment claims to give the same effect that peels do, only more gradually and more gently. I have been using it about two weeks now and my initial reaction was to the high quality feel of the product. My years of high end retail have made me quite the texture snob, and generally when i use a drugstore moisturizer, I am very put off by the cheap scents and the formulations don't seem to absorb very readily into the skin. This product felt expensive to me right away. The first step is the retinol lotion and the second is billed as an "activator". It has a very silicone-y, primer type texture that gives you that instant gratification of a smother look to your skin. I found that a bit gimmicky for a night cream but at the same time I admit I liked it.

I am a pretty tough critic when it comes to skincare. I wasn't blessed with "good" skin and really have to work at it constantly to keep breakouts at bay, even now. But I can honestly say that after four days on this system I started getting compliments from girlfriends. I went to breakfast with no foundation on at all and one of my makeup artist friends demanded to know what I was using. This NEVER happens to me.
As I continued to use it I saw an increase in smoothness and just better clarity; less dullness.
I would HIGHLY recommend this to a bride who wants to improve her skin for the wedding but is afraid of anything drastic that could make her face look worse before it gets better. And the price point is right around $26 so you cannot beat the value, considering its effectiveness!
Let me know what you think if you purchase this; I would love to know!

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Melaina25 said...

Would it work on a recently emerged frown line between my eyes or am I asking for trouble with sensitive skin?