Friday, March 2, 2012

Dress Up Clothes-Dress Up Makeup?/BRIDEface Richmond Makeup Artist

Hello all and sorry for the "pause" in these updates! However I am excited to give you all a quick post on a great product.

A week or so ago I had the opportunity to work as the lead artist for Chanel at Saks here in Richmond. As many of you know I was a global artist for about 8 years for Laura Mercier and so it was nice to get "back to my roots". Being in the store is always such a great experience because it keeps me up to date on trends, new products, plus I get the opportunity to meet some new clients (hi new friends!!!) and talk with them about what they think works and what doesn't. Just as an FYI I will be back at Saks for Chanel April 19-21 in case anyone wants to come by for a bit.

Chanel has so many beautiful products and has one of the most impeccable reputations for knowing fashion and makeup. While I was there one item that almost every customer bought was a Glossimer. In many cases my clients were getting more than one. I decided to start asking these women why they loved this product so much.Some of the things that they told me that make Glossimers a must have are they:

* are non sticky

* have a great silky smooth texture

* wear longer than other glosses

* don't have any smell  or taste

* have excellent pigment and you can really see the color

* have lots of beautiful shades to choose from

In my experience, the two big complaints about lip gloss is that it feels thick or sticky and that it doesn't last. Well, according to these savvy shoppers they will pay a little more ($29.50) for a quality item if they get the payoff in the end. It certainly appears that Glossimers are a winner!

The top image is of the new Glossimers that are out for Spring. I love the one called "Amour" as it is soft and delicate like flower petals. It seems the most popular and universal of the existing shades is "Twinkle".

Now you all know I like a bargain (I can do so mean shopping at TJ Maxx), but I am also a proponent of having a wardrobe of makeup. Just like we have our play clothes, our work clothes and our dress up clothes, I believe our makeup should also have some variety. Throw on a Hard Candy gloss when you are running around but when you have that special event but on something that makes you feel special! It can really change the entire mood of the night.

Just my two cents worth...what do you think...let me know!

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