Saturday, February 18, 2012

product rave from Mollie: Clinique BB Cream

In a word or 2, for me BB cream, specifically Clinique...wunderkind, wherehaveyoubeensinceIdiscoveredmakeup product. I have been noticing BB cream, particularly on Clinique, Sephora, and a few other lesser known websites for about the past year/year and a half. I watched reviews and saw more and more BB creams making there way to, or being formulated for here in the U.S. BB creams were originally formulated for asian skin, and sold in Asia only. I and bought Clinique because I could find the most long standing reviews for their product. 'Not gonna lie when it came in the mail I was like Ralphie in "A Christmas Story" running to the mailbox for his secret decoder. Unlike him, I was ecstatic upon my first use. This product lived up to it's reviews and then some. BB stands for Beauty Balm Cream. It can be used as primer, a tinted moisturizer, it packs spf 30, light diffusing particles, and antioxidants--all-in-one. It is my forecast that every major line will have a BB cream or has just come out with one. I have been using this everyday since the beginning of December as my only foundation along of course with Secret Camo from Laura Mercier to cover up any nasty places that pop up. I can honestly say--this product is fantastic--in my opinion. A tube of Cliniques will set you back around 40- bucks. I had the pleasure of doing a FACEing class with a former bridal client recently, who brought in a tube of BB cream, not Clinique, one color only, she had recently bought, she shared some with someone else in the class, they had completely different skin tones, and it "morphed" on both of them. With this product in your arsenal it truly is possible to do a 7 to 10 minute polished face, they were both amazed at how radiant and even their skin looked. Cliniques BB comes in 2 shades only (1 and 2) and is for all skin types--the only drawback of these products is the limit in shades. For those of you who know me--and how fair I am--I even use shade 2. When it comes out of the tube to me and many reviewers it looked too dark, but I was buying for my undertone online. I listened to the reviews though that said try it before you assume it's not right, they were right. You can't tell where it stops and starts once it's on. Many BB's only come in one shade because if they do what they are supposed to the really do morph into your skin-- but the lack of shades and not being able to touch the stuff at a counter--were what made me hesitant initially. Clinique may have it at the counters now, but as of late November when I was really wanting to get my hands on it, they did not. I am a consumer as much as a makeup artist and I hate buying and returning--UGH! I have been doing makeup on others now for 21 years--and ironically I started behind a Clinique counter. Prior to this I had already discovered or re-discovered a few other goodies from this long standing line. We'll leave those for another post. I had been somewhat distracted from Clinique other than my aforementioned goodies, they have my attention now. This BB cream out of 5 stars, for me personally, I give it a 6!

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