Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Richmond Wedding Expo as seen by BRIDEface Richmond Makeup Artist

I had a great time at the Richmond Wedding Expo on Sunday, which is the creation of Richmond Weddings. Now, since I got married in the stone age, when shows like this were not as popular or as grand, I was not quite sure what to expect. From the moment I walked in until the time I left I could not have been made to feel more welcome or pampered. Whether it was the delicious food from the many caterers, the crazy fun photo session with Virginia Photobooths and More, or the decadent desserts of which I may have sampled a few, the day was so much fun!

For anyone who may be getting married I would highly recommend that if you get the opportunity, you should check out a show like the one I attended. The reason I say this is because it gives you the opportunity to see a lot of things you may not have considered. The number of interesting vendors and designers and themes that I encountered that day was quite impressive. When you attend a show it allows the bride AND the groom to begin brainstorming what they want their day to look like.

Now a bridal show is not like the grocery store. You can't just pick up a photographer or a florist and throw them in your cart (that would be kind of odd...wouldn't it?). But it does give you the opportunity to meet vendors and start getting ideas of how your day will plan out. However, my one word of caution is that a bridal show is a good starting point, but it should not take the place of reseach on your own. Just because you might like a cake at the show does not mean that is who you should use. That wedding cake designer may be out of your budget or unable to deliver on the theme you want. You still need to "get out there" and do your research, look at reviews, get testimonials, meet with people. Make sure you take the time to really investigate the vendors with whom you would like to work. With that being said, a bridal show is a great launching platform. Having been in this industry for so long I have come across many brides and grooms who feel quite overwhelemed with the planning stages and just want to crawl under the table with a bottle of vodka! A show can ease that tension, offer some insight, and if nothing else you get to play in the chocolate fountain!!

For our Richmond fan base I wanted to share with you some great vendors that I met this weekend. If you are getting married make sure to check them out!

Jenny at FMS Events and Reunions. She was the first person I met and was so sweet and outgoing. Their table was absolutely stunning and the colors they used really did stop people in their tracks. She could not say enough about the owners and how much she enjoyed working there. I would never have thought to look at FMS because their web address says "reunions" not "weddings". Another reason why a bridal show can help.

Next came Don Mears of Don Mears Photography. I already "liked" his work on Facebook but I got to see it up close. It is even more beautiful in person and he is quite charming. Don was easy to talk with and his set-up at the show was top notch. You could tell he is on top of his craft.

I then had the chance to meet Dave Miller and Shaun of Dementi Studio. I had not had the pleasure of looking at their work until Sunday and it was gorgeous. This studio has been around a very long time in Richmond and is quite well know by locals. They have a range of prices and Richmond Magazine loves them.

Then it was off to meet a wonderful lady, Honeylyn Armstrong (Honey) of Honeydew Events. She is just as cute as the name of her company! She was quite helpful to me (with this being the first show I have attended in sometime) and made me feel very comfortable. That is an important trait for someone who is offering coordination to possess. She has a fresh take on events and I loved the "warm" vibe she has.

Another photographer was next on my list to meet; Bridget Hazel of Bridget Hazel Photography. I adore her. She has a lot of knowledge about the indusrty and the bridal shows in general. Of course her work is amazing too! There was one shot of a wedding cake in front of some plate glass that was outstanding. She was easy to talk with and seems to have a good knack for understanding her clients needs.

The final person I met that day was Melissa from Nicole Vance Photography. I fell in love with the wedding books they had on display. So many to choose from! There were some photos that had this beautiful metallic finish and they do some very interesting things with reflections.

Give them a look if you have a need. Now for those of you that have made it this far in today's blog I will also tell you there were some vendors that had some very interesting edible treats as well as some boudoir lotions and potions.....they were set up downstairs in the corner. Hhhmmmmmmm....

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Amye Brunette said...

Wow! What a lovely post! Honey shared this on our facebook fan page and I'm glad she did. Thank you for coming to our bridal show, we're glad you enjoyed it. We hope all of our brides had the same experience you did. :)