Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Chrissy, by Jenny

This is the second time BRIDEface has had the honor of working with the Heubi family. We love when we are asked back!

from Jenny;
"If there ever was a happier bride, I am not sure I have seen her!" When I left Chrissy Heubi that day, I was so happy and just knew that they would undoubtedly, (not to sound corny, but) live happily ever after! Everything about this wedding was perfect...the dress - WOW!! Amsale knows weddings gowns and those about something blue!
Laura Leppert captured the best moments of the day and I could have looked at these pictures all day long. They are gorgeous! I selected a few to share with you so you can also see how special it was. Chrissy has beautiful alabaster skin and we opted for a very natural look to show off those eyes and freckles! I loved being part of her day and getting to know her family. I think she has one of the best smiles ever!

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Julia Remix said...

I love how she looks not made up at all, but flawless. Pretty!