Monday, June 11, 2007

wondering what to do with that pricey designer gown after the wedding?

The New York Times had a very amusing article yesterday about women setting up photo shoots after the wedding and intentionally destroying their dresses in the shots.

I figure the trend will hit Cincy in about ten years.


Lindsey said...

I read this article too and I love this idea!! If stalking you steph and tina weren't enough I have also found this photographer in Indy that I stalk and I have never even met her! I just think she does awesome work and she does a lot of cool trash the dress shoots. I told Demetri a few months ago that if we weren't going to be so broke after the wedding I would definitely call her up! And this coming from the girl who supposedly hates having her photo taken -as if my wedding photos and b-pics weren't enough of a homage to myself . You should check out her blog and stalk her too...

Hope you're doing well! -lindsey

nanno said...

Lindsey, Thanks for sending that link! what gorgeous work!!!!
How's married life?
(BTW, I still have afew things of yours from the b'shoot;oops!!)